1. Paperboy
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I'm your paperboy, I got your news right here
I bring it all to you, Of what's going on out there
What do you want to know
Haven't you heard. The latest word
What do you want to know
I'll keep you informed
Keep you from the harm, I am your alarm
I'm your paperboy

I want to share, Everything, That I know, With you
I want to be, Everything, That you want , In a man
I want to hold, You near to me, So we can be, Together
And share the news, And never lie, So we could fly, As one

I'll be your paperboy
I'll be your anchorman
Your toy
Your Hoi Polloi, Oh yea
I'll bring you the news
I'll make you wise
I'll be your ears and eyes
Your spy
I'll be your paperboy