The lake of fire is ripping at the seams
Nothing stops the flow into your dreams

On the wings of your desires comes the acid rain
And the sting of molten lava flows into your brain

It's flowing
and it's going

The fight has just begun
between the good and bad
And nothing isn't won
without a courage badge
This war of morals
is really kind of sad
But when it really grows
it really is a drag

Falling apart at the seams
It's falling apart at the seams


I want to climb into souls
I need to be in control

This is a kind of feeling
That calms the beast in your soul
It likes to dance on the face of the free
How it does I don't know

There is a touch and it seems that it's healing
A warrior's hope

The Fever
is growing from the fire
You can see it
taking hold

Falling apart at the seams
This is the fight of your dream