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Soups Ready 2-27-19

You know it's true, I'm already to serve you, I know you're ready to receive me too
The air chills in the night time, when the northern wind begins to blow
The fire keeps us warm, the soup is cooking on the stove, we're smiling
Sheltered from the gloom, the aroma fills the room, time keeps on flying
We can't let it overcook tonight, it must be served when it's right
With a little garlic, with a little basil too, and some rosemary
The salt of the earth is you, and a bit of red pepper too, then we'll let it simmer
I'm so glad you made it here tonight, the soup is ready and the time is right
I want you to know, that I don't care if it's cold, or if it snows, all night
Let go of those feelings inside, that you try to hide, with all your might
Just enjoy the taste, leave nothing to waste, and be smooth and steady, the soup is ready
To serve you
Soups Ready