1. Hide Out
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Hide Out, from the morning sun so you won't see my face.
Wipe Out, all the things you done cause it's your way to erase.
Why do you do the things you do?
Staying out all night, getting into fights.
I had a rude awakening,
I do need you no more.
I found a cure.
And now i'm sure.
OOOOOO The cure is the door.
Taking, is all you ever do and you never do replace.
Faking, that this is just for you when you're really out of place.
Why must we make each other wait?
A good time to start is right away.
But you keep on messing, looking for attention, there you are, mingling with the stars, Hip Hooray Hoorah,
ooooo So there you are.

Oh there will come a time again when you will need a helping hand and I hope by then you understand, what it's all about.

Hold out, is what you did to me when i tried to take you home.
Hide Out until it's safe to flee and you can make it on your own.
but ooo You keep messing, standing and professing how good you are.
Drinking in the Bar, Sleeping in a car.
oooo sleeping in a car.