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  1. Stormy Daze
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You're heading to some stormy weather, Hold the line and you'll get through
Just have some patience, And show some fortitude
The hurricane is upon you( It's gonna blow)
And you think there's nothing to hold on to( you think you know)
Just be consistent, And maintain your attitude, With hope
Don't let it show, Don't let it grow, Fear likes to creep in slow
Just take control, With hope, Just take a dose, Of Hope
Turn the wind into a summer breeze, Turn the rain into a gentle tease, Pray on your Knees
Don't let fear consume you, Don't let doubt have any room with you, Just grab a hold
Don't let it go, Fear takes control, without hope
If I had more time I'd spend it with you
But the storm is upon us as I speak( there's no delaying )
No time for regrets, And so I beg of you( I'm on my knee )
No time to regress, Somethings you can't undo, You just need hope
The time is upon us now, Cause here comes the storm( it's here )
And now you know what to do, Cause you have been warned( of fear )