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Times are Changing 3-2-19

Living hand to mouth, Livng in a world of doubt, A world we borrow
Like the forest foilage in a drought, There's no relief
And the birds have all flown south, from the trees
Winter is creeping in and it brings cold rain
Ice forming on the lake and growing on the window pane
Jack Frost is living up to his name
All the times have changed, it keeps on going, Here in our domain, the wind is blowing...
IF you're falling down, show no guile, If you hit the ground, give a smile
If you bottom out, Show them style, on the floor
If it seems too much, Dance in the aisle, out the door
Winter is creeping in and it brings cold rain, ahhah, Jack Frost is living up to his name, ahahooo
Times are changing, oooo, Times are Changing........
The ways of integration, when forced, a subjucation, of life, can be hard........or easy
It's how you play your cards, The ones that are dealt to you
it's a castrophy, show some philanthropy, and get involved
Can we live in peace, and progress, you can renew your lease, and succeed, in this mess